Tips to start a driving service

Nothing is better than hiring a good driver for your office work or as a home facility for your family. People are hiring drivers on daily basis and you will be the one through which they will prefer hiring if you provide better and trusty drivers to them. When you are going to start that service first you need to take care of the following things or you can check my site for further information in this matter:

Office: First you need to get a good office in a better area where people will come to hire. Your office should not be in the very high society because they will get their driver from the rural areas and they will less likely to hire through driving services. You need to have a good office in a posh area where more people can visit. You can also publish your ads in different newspapers so that people will get to know about your services when you are new to this field.

Test: Providing drivers is a big responsibility and you need to pay great attention to this matter. You have to get the necessary tests of your drivers before you refer them to anyone else. These tests firstly include the driving test which has to be passed according to the standards given by the concerned authority; you also need to get the blood test to know about any kind of addictive substance in their blood and to know about any lethal disease. You need to get all the information from them and then cross check every piece of information carefully before you let them in your team. All these precautions are necessary because if a driver do something wrong with anyone then you will be held answerable for that.

Pay: There are different methods to pay to the drivers which people hire from you. When you are providing permanent drivers then you will get only your commission and rest will be done between the driver and the person who hires him, this is for people who hire a driver in Dubai monthly. When they hire for one day or for few days then they will have to pay to the company and then company will give to the driver according to the percentage agreed before. Payment method should be done before hiring driver.

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