Ways to apply attar properly

There are different kinds of attar are available in the world. Attar is the alternative use of perfumes and normally used in the Arabian countries and in Asian countries. These are more concentrated and will rest for more time. When you are going to buy attar then you have to first try out different types on your hand or on some tissue and then you should buy the one which you think best attar in Dubai for you. People are often very picky in getting the best attar or perfume and normally people will use same attar for years because they do not want to try something new. Same is the case in choosing air freshener because this is the fragrance that everyone will smell when come to your house so it must be amazing and refreshing. You have to go to the air freshener supplier in Dubai in order to get the best one for your house. Following are the ways for which you have to apply attar in order to keep the fragrance for longer time:

On your body the most effective way to apply is to put some drops in the inside of your wrist where you can feel your pulse. This is the place where the blood flow is more and so the fragrance will remain there for longer period of time. Other than that the place which is more suitable is the back of your earlobe so you can smell it more. Then you can put some of the drops to the back of your knees, in this way you will get wrapped in fragrance. Another place to apply is the inside of your elbows ad back of the neck. 

When you are going to a party or somewhere where you know that a lot of people are there then you should apply attar on your body and also on your clothes. You have to apply attar especially when the weather is hot and there is a lot of sweating from different people. When you want to invite few people in your house then you can use attar as air freshener. You can add few drops in water and put them in the vapor lamps and you will get the most amazing fragrance in you r house other than the fragrance of regular air fresheners in house.