Top-quality Used Cars

What Makes a Top-quality Used Car?

With the millions of cars traversing the kilometers of roads of major cities worldwide, it’s no wonder that air pollution has become a big problem for all. If you’re aiming for a greener alternative to buying a brand new car but still want the convenience of driving your own, why not buy a high-quality used car? This is like adopting a pet instead of buying a puppy, after all. Instead of buying a vehicle that will drop its value the moment you drive it out of the dealership, you can save money by getting a used car.

If you’re currently considering this smart option, here are the four factors that make a good used or second-hand vehicle.

Year, Make, and Model

If you prefer a Hyundai over a Honda, or a Porsche over a Peugeot, that’s really up to you. However, some brands do have an edge over their competitors. Even a 2015 Vios can have better features compared with the 2008 Vios. Do your research on this and consider fuel efficiency, size, and safety features to get the best out of your hard-earned money.


Longer mileage means more usage means more chances of vehicle wear and tear. Taking the Vios as example again, a 2008 model with 10,000 kilometers can be the better choice over a 2015 with 30,000 kilometers. If the previous owner used his or her car often and in long drives, that will take its toll on the vehicle, too. Check this detail when looking for used cars to get only the top-quality units.

The Previous Owner

In relation, you should also interview the previous owner about his or her old vehicle. What is the reason for selling? Is it a potential damage or is it just for an upgrade? Test drive the vehicle with the previous owner and you can ask questions as you drive. If he or she is a trusted friend, you can forego the questions as you have established a solid relationship. The important thing is to have an open communication so you can see if the vehicle was taken care of well or not.

Your Own Needs

This one may not necessarily determine how valuable a used car is, but you should intensively consider your own needs when buying a used car. Do you really need that yellow FJ Cruiser? Is a Hyundai Santa Fee too big and the Tucson the better option? Will you drive it daily? Or on an adventure in the desert or at the beach? These are all up to you.

With these factors in mind, you can be more prepared in finding the right fit and top-quality used car.

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